About Kearney’s Drive-In

Window Service Drive-In Restaurant

Fast, Friendly Service Since 1967!

Kearney’s Drive-In was established in 1967 as a full service drive-in restaurant. This was the original concept for Kearney’s and we’ve kept the same tradition for over 4 decades. We pride ourselves in Fast, Friendly Service – from our diverse menu to the family specials featured on our Menu Page, Kearney’s has so much to offer! Our faithful customers tell us, “We think the drive-in features a delicious menu, great prices and fast, friendly service. It gives the classic ‘Kearney’s Charm’ that keeps us coming back week after week!”

Step back in time and visit a charming drive-in of decades past —
Kearney’s Drive-In – Fast, Friendly Service Since 1967!